Your trading card shows evident signs of wear and tear because of frequent usage. This means that the printed designs and pictures may be rubbed off and defective in various places. Moreover, your card is creased and the colors are heavily faded both in the front and the back. Its glossiness has also been compromised, whereas the corners are a bit frayed or no longer precise in shape. In case you are submitting a full pack, it will be classified as poor if cards are missing from the stack.



Your card shows visible scratching defects as well as moderately deep creases along the surface. This might also include staining, faded printing, degradation of glossiness, and more. Frayed and rounded edges also fall under the same category.



Your card has significant printing issues along with some surface creases and/or scratches. However, the discoloration is not too much and the gloss has not yet faded in its entirety. The colors are slightly off in their original hues, there are stains both at the back and the front, the edges are frayed to some extent and the corners are retaining their edge more or less.



Your card’s surface has very few creases but printing damage is there. The glossiness is still visible, although the colors are slightly faded and some staining is present. The edges and corners are just a bit frayed and out of shape, however, scratches are evident, be it not too deep. There is slight whitening at the edges and minor cuts are also moderately visible.



Your card has very little color degradation even though printing damage is rather visible. The overall gloss is still there, although not in its full entirety. There are subtle scratches as well but these are not glaringly evident unless closely observed. No creases and surface deterioration are there, despite a few scratches. Moreover, the corners are in the initial fraying stages although still retaining their spiked shape. The edges, slightly whitened, are not bent out of structure or completely chipped.



Your card’s surface does not show extravagant printing damage and there is minimal discoloration. Most of the glossiness is still maintained, even though you can still see light scratches upon careful observation. Some stains are there, but these are justifiably minor whereas the corners are a little frayed but without any ding. To top it off, the edges are also in good condition whereby there is very little whitening.



Your card’s surface exhibits evident printing damage, the back has a few stains but only some light scratches. There are tiny dots here and there even though the gloss is near perfectly maintained. Overall, the card doesn’t show any indentations and not all of the corners are frayed, even if slightly. There is moderate wear and tear but nothing too significant.



Your card shows minor printing defects at the front and very few scratches that are only visible when observed closely. The glossing is consistent across the surface although the corners are a bit frayed, but not necessarily all of them. Moreover, the edges show insignificant whitening. Chipping may also be there.



Your card looks great at first glance even though the surface does have slight printing damage and discoloration problems. However, there are insignificant scratches here and there and the corners/edges show very minor wear and tear.



Your card can be rightfully deemed to be in a perfect condition whereby the corners are not rounded or chipped at all. Printing damages, scratches, and stains are also missing and the gloss is retained. Regardless, there are slight issues with either two of the edges, corners, or surfaces.



Your card is in pristine condition as there is 50/50 centering in the front. The corners can be classified within the mint category, there is no discoloration and full glossy retention. Moreover, the edges are neither frayed nor layered and there are no scratches or creases.



Your card is in the best condition possible with zero defects or signs of damage to the surface, corners, centering, or edges.


The OC Qualifier means the card is off centered (zero significance is given to centering as it does not apply)



Your card is justifiably classified as mint although there are slight variations from the original condition still visible upon close observation. Very little printing defects with zero significance given to centering as it does not apply.



Your card is immaculate and declared to be in a perfect condition whereby all three criteria including the surface, the edges as well as the corners do not show signs of wear and tear. However, zero significance is given to centering as it does not apply.

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