This is the procedure whereby trading cards are graded based on a 14-point scale ranging between a highest and a lowest point. Evaluation criteria ordain that the card should have some form of visual appeal, the look be clean, and the shape retained to a certain extent. Other factors like restoration, trimming, and authenticity are also considered.

As a trading card collector, getting your cards graded will inform you of their credibility, authenticity and boost their value in auctions. This is simply because traders tend to buy cards that are validated through the standard grading system.

We’ve made sure that the card submission process is easy and simple for your convenience. Kindly follow the steps below and you’ll be good to go.

Step 1: Choose between regular cards or packs to begin the submission process
Step 2: Select between grading and review
Step-3: Choose a service level that complements your feasibility
Step-4: Add the details of your card
Step-5: Verify provided credentials and only then, make the payment
Step-6: Once the payment is complete, finalize the card submission by clicking on ‘submit’
Step-7: Generate a print of the PDF and keep the customer copy safe with yourself
Step-8: Pack your collectibles with the printed PDF and ensure that everything is secured inside a box
Step-9: Attach the submission ID and Address on top of the package and ship to the provided address

We grade specific classifications of TCG cards including Magic the Gathering, Yu-gi-oh, Pokémon, Dragon ball z, and Digimon.

Yes, we enable all customers to make a submission at just one service level.

This will start as soon as your order is recorded within the Only Graded system.