Only Graded Space NFT can be used for redeem Grading Services, to Buy Graded Cards and much more.

Exclusive Benefits & Discounts

Hold 10,000 OGUC in your wallet and earn a 20% discount on our Only Graded Services

Mint An NFT and Receive A 10,000 OGUC Airdrop

Holding an OGUC NFT entitles you to a 20% discount on only graded services
Enters you into the $10K USD giveaway
Free access to our workshops and exhibitions


OnlyGraded Blockchain Ownership Verification (OBOV) TM

Trade with confidence

We are the only platform to use NFTs on the blockchain to authenticate each trading / collectible card graded by issuing a NFT receipt.
All crypto purchase automatically receive an NFT receipt. To claim one, click button below to complete the form.

Request OBOV

OGUC Discounts

Earn a 20% discount on OnlyGraded Services
Keep 10,000 OGUC in your Metamask wallet when paying for OGUC services to earn discounts