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The Onlygraded's crystal-clear acrylic holders are time-tested to be durable and withstand everyday wear and tear, the card is sonically sealed inside the tamper-proof holder without obscuring its artwork, color and detail. OG card holders are completely different from other grading companies with embroideries for various grading scales and an appealing label with extremely stunning look, which will enhance the look of the card being graded. By using this design approach, customers are guaranteed to have a card that looks unique and stylish when displayed.

Trading Card Submission Type

Below are the trading card submission type used by OG

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Every Product goes through multi-step verification process with our team of expert authenticators.

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Cards previously graded by OG can be submitted for review.


Only Graded Marketplace Mobile

Onlygraded’s focused approach on providing a mobile application for trading of graded game cards is unique in the market. Worldwide game enthusiasts, game card collectors made the growth in e-commerce purchases of graded cards and the current trend favor this business.

Only Graded Mobile

Onlygraded offers pocket friendly, faster and reliable grading services of trading cards. Our unique and flashy approach to grading can make a lasting impact in the card market, OG can possibly cater to collectors grading expectation, and even perhaps exceed them.

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